The law firm

"The secret of business is knowing something no one else knows"

Studio Casalini & Zambon: Knowing. Beyond.

Studio Casalini & Zambon is a law and tax firm especially geared to assisting businesses in their most defining moments, when innovation and growth are at stake. This includes in-depth and up-to-date knowledge of all aspects which make up part of the outlook of both the business and entrepreneur.preneur.

Our attention to detail ensures not only protection and counselling but also a competitive advantage.

Custom-designed assistance characterized by great expertise of and a comprehensive approach to complex issues, the ability to work in foreign languages dealing with projects in foreign countries, services in cutting-edge matters like trust, internet legal issues, data cyber security, taxation of financial instruments – these are only some of the specializations of this law firm operating in Vicenza since 1999.

Why you should choose Studio Casalini & Zambon

  • We believe in the importance of protecting and incrementing the value delivered by entrepreneurs in their businesses and in their lives.
  • We believe that, in a complex and sometimes convoluted legal framework, simplifying complexity can create value for businesses.
  • We believe that acknowledging the advantages and limits of a choice is a must in order to seize the best opportunities.
  • We support our customers in their choices with a practical approach, helping them to assess legal risks in the right way
  • We guarantee maximum safety and transparency.

Maurizio Casalini

Public Certified accountant, founding member of Studio Casalini & Zambon. Master’s degree in International Business, Advanced Master’s degree in Trust Law.

Professor at Fondazione CUOA – “Master MBA per Imprenditori (MAPI)” and “Divisione Finance” (Financial Intermediation Law and Financial and Banking Tax Law).


Elena Zambon

Lawyer authorized to practise before the Highest Courts, founding member of Studio Casalini & Zambon. Master’s degree in Company Law, Master’s degree in Trust Law. Postgraduate Specialization Diploma for Contract Law and International Finance.

Professor at Fondazione CUOA for Company, Contract and Banking Law. Member of the International Distribution Institute.